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About us

The law firm Korbel, Tuháček & partners was established in 2007 by a union of freelance cooperating attorneys-at-law JUDr. Miloš Tuháček and Mgr.František Korbel, Ph.D. Our company does not work exclusively for the large, or for the small-scale clients. We represent state bodies, including the ministries, municipalities, NGOs as well as entrepreneurs.

Client service offer

We help clients in all areas of law. Our main domains are: Corporate Law, Environmental Law, freedom of information and Construction Law. 

Prague, Tábor, České Budějovice.....

This law firm has been operating from the very beginning as a network of branches in major towns of South Bohemia and in Prague. Currently, we offer services in Prague and 2 main South-bohemian towns: the headquarters in Tábor and 2 branches in Prague and České Budějovice. Despite the current trend of electronic communication, we focus on face-to-face contact.

Law as a science and a hobby

Law is our pastime, we devote to it and we develop it. Our attorneys have successfully submitted projects to support freedom of information and the European integration. Our team consists of scientific boards´ and committees´members; we teach at universities, give lectures and publish expert texts.

Not only law, but also public interest

We consider law as one of the means to a just and free society.

The Bar as team work

Our law firm has always focused on the specialization of individual lawyers. We cooperate with certified executors, notaries and tax consultants on a long-term basis.

The law firm of Korbel, Tuháček & Partners, Attorneys at Law (Advokátní kancelář Korbel, Tuháček & partneři, s.r.o.) was established in 2007 by its founding partners Miloš Tuháček and František Korbel, Ph.D.

While the firm engages in a general legal practice, the firm’s lawyers also include those with a focus on certain specialized areas of the law.

The firms main areas of specialization include environmental law, freedom of information statutes and requirements, administrative law (in particular with respect to construction activities, finance and misdemeanor regulatory violations) and social security law. Our office also has a number of attorneys that specialize in different aspects of commercial law – in particular contracts, corporate restructurings and debt collection. We also offer our clients a comprehensive range of services in relation to the acquisition, sale and development of real estate.

Our firm has offices in the Czech Republic in the cities of Tábor and Prague.

Our team includes five lawyers and four law clerks. We combine the broad expertise of a larger firm with the knowledge that comes from handling a wide range of more everyday legal and judicial matters.

Our law firm cooperates with partner firms in the Czech Republic and abroad (Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Poland).

We can provide our services in English and German – as well as our native Czech.

Our clients include government authorities, municipalities, business owners, private businesses and corporations and non-profit organizations throughout the Czech Republic.